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At Northwoods Survival we provide instruction in: wilderness survival, bushcraft, primitive and self-reliant living skills. We offer small stream fly fishing, dog sledding adventures as well as self-propelled guided nature walks. The item descriptions listed below will give you and idea of what our courses consist of. We strive to only teach attainable and practical skills and our guided trips are scheduled to leave time to enjoy your surroundings.

NWS Small Stream Fly Fishing
With 40 years of small stream experience NWS would like to share the, often overlooked and underestimated excitement of small stream fly fishing. NWS is located on the South Branch of the Southwest Miramichi River, it is no secret that this little river is alive with voracious brook trout. Advocates of catch and release; NWS would like to introduce you to the pleasures of small stream fly fishing. Check out the Adventure Schedule page for upcoming workshop dates and rates or contact us to book a full day walk and wade adventure.

Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival
Learn to thrive with practical wilderness survival techniques.
During these courses we cover the following subjects:
-Survival planning and the survival mindset
-Building and using an effective survival kit
-Firecraft and how to make fire under the most adverse weather conditions
-Navigation with and without a map and compass
-Sheltercraft and how to stay warm and dry
-Signaling and why things are seen
-Locating and purifying water
-Building simple traps and snares
-Useful but simple knots and lashings

Bushcraft & Woodslore
Learn the skills used by the old sourdoughs, trappers and timber cruisers. During this workshop we cover knife, axe and saw use, outdoor gear, knots and their uses, navigation, building a “siwash camp”, firecraft and outdoor cooking.

Fly Fishing Basics & Reading a Stream
Learn the basics of fly casting, fly fishing gear and how to read a river so that you can understand what’s going on below the water’s surface and why.

Basic Canoeing & Canoe Poling
Learn the basic skills required to safely maneuver a canoe with both paddle and pole.

This course covers detailed map and compass, GPS and basic barehand navigation. Gain the knowledge and have confidence you will be able to find the correct route home.

Dog Sledding Adventures

NWS offers owner-guided passenger sled dog tours. Choose from 1/2 day introduction or full-day adventure with lunch on the trail.

Wild Skills: Women’s Adventures 
A variation of our Bushcraft and Survival Course designed as a women’s adventure and learning experience with time for enjoying simple outdoor life. Bring your Mom, your best friend, co-worker or come on your own and take a weekend just for you.

Outdoor Cooking
Forget the wieners and smores this fireside cafe is gourmet. Learn the important skill of fire management, campfire menu planning and cooking, bake delectable desserts in a dutch oven & create yummy biscuits in a reflector oven.

Organic Gardening Workshop Series
A 4-part workshop series; throughout the growing season that covers the basics of organic kitchen gardens, organic soil management and backyard compost, preserving the harvest, seed saving. Join us for the entire series or choose only the topics which are relevant to you.

Knitting Felted Mittens
Learn to read and knit a basic mitten pattern to felt into a warm durable pair of mittens.

Natural Deerhide Tanning
A multi-day workshop with intense hands-on instruction to create beautiful leather.

Moccasin Making
Experience the satisfaction of this timeless art and take home your own handmade moccasins.

For Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival. Click Here.

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