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Navigation – $150./person*
This course covers detailed map and compass, GPS and basic barehand navigation. Gain the knowledge and have confidence you will be able to find the correct route home.

April 11 & 12, 2015
Basic Bushcraft & Survival Workshop – $275./person*
Learn modern and traditional survival skills that will keep you comfortable in the bush. This course covers survival planning and mindset, firecraft, sheltercraft, signaling and more. 

Basic Fly Fishing Instruction
Topics include: equipment, tying on leaders, tippet and flies, basic casting techniques and more. Price is $35./hr with a two-hour minimum per person. Contact us to book a time that is convenient for you or ask us about travelling to your organization.

May 16, 2015
Part 1 ~ Organic Garden Basics – $55./person*

If you are anxious to grow your own delicious food for your family or community but you have questions on how to get started or you have been trying your hand at gardening and you are looking for solutions to some problems that you have encountered then you will enjoy spending the day with us. We explore how to prep your space for planting, compost basics and planting. The day will include a homemade lunch and hands-on activity in our onsite gardens.

June 13, 2015
Part 2 ~ Soil Building – $55./person
If you are serious about organic growing techniques in your backyard then you need to be serious about soil; join us as we explore the backyard compost, cover crops, green manures and appreciate the tireless efforts of the microorganisms at work who keep our gardens growing. The day will include a homemade lunch and hands-on activity.’

Fly Fishing Adventure – $375./person*
This weekend is designed for beginners; but everyone is welcome. Spend the morning learning the equipment, casting and flies. Enjoy lunch by the river then spend the next day and a half camping, trout fishing and exploring the beautiful South Branch of the SW Miramichi River. 
(price does not include fishing license)

Introduction to Canoe Poling – $75./person
Just as the canoe is the symbol that links us to the history of this continent like no other, the Art of Canoe Poling is the link to our local history on the world famous Miramichi watershed. A nearly forgotten skill, canoe poling has just as much value and practical application today as it did 50 years ago when Miramichi river guides poled their sports upstream in search of the illusive Atlantic Salmon. Each season we have notice a drop in water levels on all of our favorite local rivers and streams which can cause navigation by watercraft to become tricky, but at NWS when the canoe paddle touches the bottom we reach for our 12ft spruce poles and continue our travel by water with ease. NWS would like to share this important and rare skill with you. Join us with your canoe and PFD in Juniper for a one-day introduction to canoe poling. Riverside lunch is included.

Introduction to Small Stream Fly Fishing – $525./person

A small cool stream may not look exciting from 50 ft away but at NWS we have unlocked the secrets that lay within and we want to share our experience with you. The vibrant bantam sized brook trout are strong and energetic and the battle will be sure to invigorate all fly fishers, even the seasoned ones! On this three-day course we will cover the equipment, how to locate a wild stream (map, compass, GPS), read the stream once you get there, appropriate entomology and selection of flies, plenty of time on the river practicing the skills learned and much more. Riverside accommodation in a traditional canvas walltent and meals are included. (fishing licenses and rods are not included; if you do not have either let us know and we can help) Contact Us for more info!!

Hobby Prospecting with guest instructor Grant Treger – $275./person*
The Old Timers didn’t find everything, in fact they barely scratched the surface. Lots of follks now days are taking a look at prospecting for gold, minerals and gem stones as both a recreational activity and a way of making a little extra money.
There is no better way to experience the outdoors and maybe finding gold or gem stones along the way than prospecting. Hobby prospecting is an exciting and healthy endevor for the whole family that everyone can participate in.
The methods taught on this course are environmentally friendly and in some areas will help benifit the eco system.
Course Topics:
1. What equipment is needed to start out
2. The use of maps and other aids to find the areas you want to work in
3. How to read a brook, stream, river, and rock face to find the gold or gem bearing areas
4. What to look for in the rock and transition areas
5. How to pan for gold or gems
6. How to use a sluice, highbanker, or dredge
7. Respect for nature, the environment, and the land owner
8. How to have a great time doing all the above

Instructor Bio
Guest instructor; Grant Treger  has been an avid outdoorsman since he was old enough to walk an into prospecting and rock hounding since the late 1960’s. Grant was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for nearly 25 years and served with the PPCLI. Some areas he has prospected are Vancouver Island, Mainland BC, Manitoba, Northwest Territories. PEI, and New Brunswick.

Basic Bushcraft & Survival Workshop – $275./person*
Learn modern and traditional survival skills that will keep you comfortable in the bush. This course covers survival planning and mindset, firecraft, sheltercraft, signaling and more. 

August 15, 2015
Part 3 ~ Preserving the Harvest – $55./person
If you are interested in preserving the delicious and colourful summer bounty join us for a day of pressure canning (in jars), pickle making and blanching. The day will include a homemade lunch and hands-on activities.

August 29, 2015
Outdoor Cooking – $75./person*
Forget the wieners and smores this fireside cafe is gourmet. Learn the important skill of fire management, campfire menu planning and cooking, bake delectable desserts in a dutch oven & create yummy biscuits in a reflector oven.

September 19, 2015
Part 4 ~ Seed Saving – $55./person*
Explore backyard diversity by joining us for a fun fall day. Learn how to plan your seed saving garden, select, clean & store your own seeds. Lunch and a hands-on activity included.

For Canoe Poling and Survival Workshop. Click Here.

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